2017 Health Trends

With the year drawing to a close, we’re taking the time to reflect on some of the biggest stories in health this year. We loved getting to find out what news resonated with you, and are excited to get a glimpse at the trends in wellness and medicine that will shape the landscape of health and virtual care in 2018.

2017 was a year of focusing on how food and nutrition shape overall health. We all know that it’s good to get in our veggies, eat our whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats, but this year reflected a desire for greater understanding of how the foods we eat play unique roles in affecting different parts of our bodies, as well as our overall health.

2017 was also year of prevention; a time that reflected a deep desire to understand your own signs and symptoms, and what you can do to prevent chronic disease. It was a year of conscious decisions, of focus on choosing foods that energize you while also catering to your need for convenience, and of understanding what healthy habits to adopt in your daily routines to achieve better mental well-being, in addition to greater physical vitality.

We’re excited to see how these trends develop over the course of next year. For now, let’s take a look back on the top health and wellness stories of 2017.

green juice

Getting in the greens: the juices and smoothies you need to be making this winter

Smoothies aren’t just for the summer, we’ll take one all year long please. These are the ingredients you need to be juicing and blending to aid in better digestive, immune, and skin health going into 2018.

energy balls

The superfood, super easy snack: 5 Ingredient Brownie Bliss Balls

This simple recipe was a massive hit, and for good reason. Levelling your blood sugar throughout the day is key for consistent energy, and it can be easy AND delicious to do so in a healthy and quick way. Packing in antioxidants, fiber, healthy fats, and sweetness coming only from dates, these bite sized energy balls make for the perfect snack on-the-go, or even nutritious dessert.

Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer’s awareness: the 11 signs to watch out for that indicate someone you love is suffering

Research on Alzheimer’s has progressed farther than ever before, as has our understanding of the intricacies of this disease. As we and our loved ones age, here are the signs and symptoms of which to be aware that may indicate someone you know may need to be evaluated for Alzheimer’s disease.

anti-inflammatory foods

Fighting chronic disease by fighting inflammation: some of the best anti-inflammatory foods to add to your diet

The journey to your best version of health and wellness starts with being proactive about your health, not reactive. As more medical research points to inflammation as being one of the largest drivers of chronic disease, we look to ways to lower our risk of inflammation as soon as possible. Here are a few anti-inflammatory foods that help fight and prevent inflammation that you should incorporate into your diet going into the new year.

good night's sleep

Better rest, more energy: holistic things to do for a better night’s sleep

We all know that getting enough sleep is crucial for maintaining good health, good energy, and for not getting sick. However, for many of us, getting enough restful sleep each night can be a true challenge. Here are some simple tips and tricks to try to make sure you are getting enough quality shut eye each night, so you can be less stressed, have a better immune system, and be set up for success in achieving all your new year health goals.

We know these topics will become deeper and more interesting all into the next year. What will be the greatest interests and stories of 2018? We’re excited to find out!


Author: Maggie Harriman

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