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In today’s extremely fragmented health IT ecosystem, patients and providers are forced to use a long tail of nonintegrated “point” solutions. This results in high-friction and inefficient user experiences. Most health IT experiences are characterized by a poor consumer experience as patients navigate their healthcare journey, which makes it equally challenging for providers to provide a high-quality, engaging experience for the patient.,. Information asymmetries (which result from non-interoperable data silos) also jeopardize the ability of providers to administer and deliver data-driven care— which leads to poor outcomes, higher costs, and unequal access, as well as increased risk to patient safety and data security/privacy. The economic and market incentives for independent organizations to cooperate and exchange data only exacerbates the deficit in interoperability and connectivity

HealthTap is excited to showcase our solutions for partners at HIMSS, which enable hospital systems, insurance companies, employers to deliver a unified care experience for consumers and providers, which has been developed, optimized, and validated at scale.

Care is Better with Partners

HealthTap’s answer to the problems created by fragmentation in the healthcare industry is its proprietary Health Operating System (HOPES™), a fully interoperable, integrated healthcare operating system powered by Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) that links the entire continuum of care (which includes EMRs, devices, and applications) to an individual’s personal health record (PHR.) By integrating typically disconnected elements of end-to-end care and tying them to one unified PHR, HOPES™ delivers a seamless, personalized healthcare experience for the patient. HealthTap is available in English, Chinese, Spanish, and is expanding to additional markets and languages on an ongoing basis.

HealthTap has also developed a proprietary triaging technology (Dr. A.I.™) powered by artificial intelligence that can reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve outcomes. In conjunction with HOPES™, this enables healthcare providers to deliver the right care at the right time at the right price. HOPES is SOC-2 Type 2 certified and HIPAA compliant, and HealthTap maintains the world’s highest standards of security and privacy.

HOPES™, which forms the foundation of the unified healthcare experience, is defined by a set of connected modules which, in turn, are composed of many apps and services. This foundation of modules is able to integrate and interoperate with third-party data sources (e.g., external provider directories, medical record systems, calendar management software, claims and billing services, pharmacy and lab ordering portals, etc.)  These modules include:

  • Calendar
  • Content
  • Communications
  • Expert Index
  • Engagement
  • Personal Health Record (PHR)
  • Payment
  • Ancillary Services
  • Ontology


HOPES™ interacts with users—both doctors and patients—through a series of apps, which leverage different combinations of modules and services in the HOPES™ layer. These apps include:

  1. Scheduling: appointments scheduling, payments, insurance eligibility, and claims submissions
  2. Data Analytics: predictive modeling, machine learning/AI, identity management, data exchange
  3. Telemedicine: immediate access to doctors 24/7 via live video, voice, or text chat
  4. Library: easy access to doctor-created and peer-reviewed answers and tips
  5. Directory: data optimized Virtual Practice (ViP) for every doctor and healthcare provider
  6. Dr. AI: Artificial Intelligence powered medical symptom triaging
  7. Health Graph: data about a patient’s individual health characteristics and changes over time
  8. Clinical CRM: patient engagement/ support after doctor visits (in the form of checklists, notifications, care plans, and newsletters, etc)
  9. Pharmacy and Labs: direct access to pharmacies and labs for prescription and tests

HOPES diagram

These apps interact with one another to provide an operating system that encompasses all aspects of patient care. The end-to-end nature of the platform facilitates seamless healthcare journeys for patients and providers from triage, to diagnosis, to plan/prescription, and then towards ongoing plan management, adherence, and optimization—all powered by a common digital backbone and interface.

Partners are then able to offer these new co-branded experiences (“powered by HealthTap”) to populations of their own patients or providers.

HOPES cycle

Partnering with Bupa

HealthTap has recently partnered with Bupa, the international health and care company, to bring this all-in-one health and care experience to its patients across the globe. HealthTap’s HOPES and its AI-powered apps will enhance the speed, convenience, and quality of care for Bupa customers, and provide greater access to in-person and online doctor appointments.

Over the past year, HealthTap has worked with Bupa to implement a number of solutions for day-to-day customer needs, such as helping its patients easily finding local doctors covered by Bupa insurance, scheduling doctor visits with local clinics, and connecting residents in its care homes with doctors by video chat.

Bupa will offer a co-branded experience to it’\s patients using HealthTap’s Health Operating System, allowing Bupa to manage every aspect of the patient care experience using just one system and interface. 

This partnership will unite the Bupa market units and will extend to its patients in countries across the globe. Together, Bupa and HealthTap will be able to provide a seamless, unified patient experience to patients across the globe, and make it easier for people everywhere to live healthier, happier, longer lives.

Join HealthTap at HIMSS

HealthTap is so excited to be able to showcase the Health Operating System as a solution to your enterprise needs and excited to show you how you can use it to build a connected healthcare solution configured to your needs.

Come learn more at Booth 3560, to learn more about the work we are doing for our current partners, and other exciting developments in patient engagement, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

About HealthTap

HealthTap, the world’s first Digital Health Practice™, delivers immediate, world-class healthcare, 24/7, through video, voice, and text chat on any mobile device or personal computer. With more than 108,000 top US doctors in its Medical Expert Network, HealthTap has enabled hundreds of millions of people in 174 countries to better manage their health and well-being from the patient’s initial query to cure. HealthTap’s mission is to help everyone live a healthier, happier, and longer life.

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