What if we told you that we’ve got your answer for how you can avoid the dentist office?

October is National Dental Hygiene Month, which recognizes the teams of dentists and dental specialists dedicated to ensuring optimal experiences for their patients. To date, the use of tele-dentistry (telecommunication for dental care, consultation, education, and public awareness) has not become an integral part of the dental practice, but its implementation is becoming a necessary need for the sustainment of oral health throughout society.

According to the CDC, cavities (also known as caries or tooth decay) are one of the most common chronic conditions affecting both children and adults globally.

  • More than 80% of adults, by age 34 have at least one cavity
  • Every 1 in 5 children, ages 5–11, have at least one cavity
  • Every 1 in 7 adolescents, ages 12 -19, have at least one cavity
  • On average, an annual cost of $113 billion relates to dental care in the USA

If left untreated, cavities can lead to pain, missed days at school and work, and can significantly decrease your quality of life. The HealthTap app allows you to communicate with a board certified dentist about your oral health concerns, because let’s face it… no one likes going to the dentist unless they have to!

The good news is that cavities are preventable. Visiting your dentist twice a year is key to making sure your smile lasts a lifetime. However home oral care for you and your family is just as important as in office dental visits.

Here are the must-follow guidelines for home oral care:

  • Brush using circular motions on all surfaces of your teeth and your tongue for at least two minutes, twice a day. Supervision and education of good brushing techniques for your child under age 6 is very important.
  • Use a fluoride toothpaste. Children younger than age 2 should not use fluoride toothpaste unless your dentist advises so. If your drinking water is not fluoridated, ask your dentist about oral fluoride supplements for your child.
  • Flossing is essential for reaching those hard to reach places between your teeth and keeping your gums healthy.
  • Talk to your dentist about fissure sealants for your child. Applying fissure sealants to the chewing surfaces of the back teeth can prevent cavities for many years.
  • Talk to your HealthTap dentist from the comfort of your home or learn more about oral health in the HealthTap library.

Author: Simitha Singh Rambiritch

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