Congratulations to this week’s Top Knowledge Editor, Dr. Richard Zimon

Thank you to all of those who are helping milions on HealthTap, and a special thank you to Dr. Richard Zimon who efforts have helped the most people this week.

He is “In the Spotlight” section of all doctors’ home pages this week with a special mention in our weekly newsletter this Saturday going to our entire Medical Expert Network.

Congratulations to our top 10 Top Knowledge Editors for helping the most people this week:

1stDr. Richard Zimon
2ndDr. Theresa Anderson-Varney
3rdDr. Kenny Chuu
4thDr. Ira Friedlander
5thDr. Jeff Livingston
6thDr. Sewa Legha
7thDr. Steven Brown
8thDr. Philip Alford
9thDr. Frazier Todd
10thDr. Sridhar Shankar



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