2015 is the year of the virtual office visit. A study done by PricewaterhouseCoopers estimates that nearly 40% of adults would be willing to visit a doctor virtually, representing a potential $42 billion market. With the rise of on-demand platforms and services, consumers are looking for the Amazon online equivalent for healthcare.

Healthcare providers want to deliver improved care to their patients by reducing the time and effort required to run existing workloads, all the while providing access to new data capabilities. Patients are clamoring for a more efficient way to learn more about their health and get help from top doctors when they need it most, not when the health centers are open for business.

Digital health is setting a new benchmark for how consumers access health care. HealthTap is pioneering this deeply transformative structure, which will save millions of lives and lower medical costs. In the end, it’s not “special care” that consumers want, but effective care.

Forward-thinking doctors are jumping on this opportunity, leading the revolution in healthcare by setting up their Virtual Practices on HealthTap. Doctors enable their patients to schedule appointments during virtual office hours, and they’re able to consult with patients over live video, voice, and text from anywhere in the world, at anytime, on their laptops, smartphones, and tablets! As a bonus, HealthTap gives doctors their Virtual Practice at no cost, and there are no other expenses or billing hassles.

“My patients also love that they can connect with me from anywhere! This really is the next big thing in healthcare, and I’m thrilled to be part of it,” says Dr. Pamela Svendsen.

Our team is incredibly excited about the changes in healthcare happening before our eyes. We work with each doctor individually to help them reach their goals — whether it’s growing their practice, making their practice more efficient, or simply having greater convenience and flexibility in their schedule. Dr. Debra Grayman, a Dermatologist from Florida agrees,”It also makes a huge impact on my quality of life, since we can set our own hours.”

At HealthTap, our mission is to make the world a healthier, happier place! We’re so grateful to work with these Doctors of the Future, and be a part of history with them. Learn more about our HealthTap Concierge doctors here!

Interested in joining the digital health revolution? Join HealthTap and set up your free Virtual Practice today!

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