School’s out for summer.

School’s out forever.

Okay, so school might not be out for forever, but summer break is the light at the end of the school-year-tunnel and it’s close enough to touch. You should always strive to spend a healthy amount of time with your kids because in a blink of an eye, they’ll be all grownup and out of the house. Summer break is a great opportunity to maximize that quality time, but unfortunately, most jobs don’t offer three months off (unless you’re a teacher, in which case, you’re awesome!)

To help you make the most of summer, we have a few suggestions for healthy activities for you and your family. Say “so long” to summer breaks that are lost to endless T.V. shows and “hello” to staying active in both life and in the community.

Get out of town

You need a vacation.

If you can, grab a few weeks off and travel with your family. There are many benefits to exposing your kids to different environments and cultures while their minds are still being molded. Not only can this be a great learning experience for your children, but traveling the world and eating lots of delicious food isn’t a bad way to reward yourself for being an awesome parent. Plus, you can relax in your hotel room and read a book or get out and enjoy some of the world’s most beautiful views. You’ll be able to spend time with your kids while also getting the R&R that you deserve.

Stay cool with summer school

Your child can lose a lot of what they’ve learned over summer break if they stay glued to the TV for 11 weeks. Summer school is a great way for your kid to keep their mind sharp while being around other learners during the day. Summer school can give your kid the freedom to choose to dive into subjects they are personally interested and go beyond the normal curriculum. Alternatively, they can also enroll in courses that allow them to gain extra units to help them graduate early or beef up their college applications. Plus, summer school is a great way to ensure your child gets lunch and supervision while you’re hard at work. When you’re done with work, you’re sure to have riveting conversations with your kids at the dinner table as they dish about what they learned that day.

Lend a helping hand

Many schools have community service requirements and partaking in summer community projects can help your child fulfill them. In general, it’s great to encourage your child to be active in their community and to give back so that one day, they continue to do this on their own –– even without the school requirement.

Team up with your child and give back together to make it an engaging bonding experience for the both of you. Helping others feel good is the easiest way to help yourself feel good, so find a cause or project you’re super passionate about and sign up to volunteer!

Play ball

Playing sports is an obvious way to stay healthy over summer break. Many cities offer summer leagues that your child can signup for so they can get active while making new friends. It also gives you a chance to be a super supportive parent and cheer for your loved one on the sidelines of as many games as possible. Go the extra mile by bringing healthy snacks for the team and don’t be shy about trying a few of the recipes we’ve previously shared.

Make the most of summer break with your loved ones. If there’s a family tradition or an activity that’s not on our list, please let us know! We love to hear your stories and suggestions. 🙂

Author: Maya Gilliss-Chapman

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