spring cleaning

You’ve heard of spring cleaning but you haven’t partaken in these festivities yourself. You have it marked on your calendar and you’ve circled it twice, but things come up and you’ve finally come to an agreement with yourself that cleaning your room and doing your laundry is good enough.

But what if we told you that spring cleaning can help you organize your life?

That’s right, spring cleaning is about more than just cleaning for the first time in a long time. It’s a chance for you to rearrange your priorities and help yourself manage your time better so you can be a more productive you. Here are a few benefits of spring cleaning:

Get to Know Yourself

You’re not the same person as you were last year. You’ve grown and evolved. The things you value are different and your home should reflect that. It’s time to really practice “out with the old” and embrace “in with the new.” Clear our you garage, attic, and closet by getting rid of the things you’ve out grown (physically and mentally) and replace them with things you’re currently into or things you want to do. A great way to remind yourself of a goal is to have it in plain sight, so if your goal is to get more active this year, put your running or hiking shoes on a shelf and you’ll never have an excuse not to grab them. Understanding yourself and pushing yourself if also a great way to practice self-love and happiness.

Make Some Extra Cash

A healthy wallet is also a good thing to invest in. As you sort out your life and figure out what you no longer need, try posting those items online for a few extra bucks. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. You can try sites like Craigslist to get rid of larger items or post clothes to Poshmark. Having more money can help put your mind at ease, or you can invest it in buying equipment for your new hobbies or that new blender you’ve always wanted. Whatever you choose to do with the cash, make sure you clean every nook and cranny to find loose change in all forms.

Save time

Being organized in general can help you get out the door faster and help you magically find a few extra hours in the day. Having all of your items sorted and easy to find will help you cut out the amount of time you spend searching for your basics and help eliminate frustration from your day. While you don’t have to go as far as pre-panning your daily workwear, it doesn’t hurt to have your clothes hanging in your closet instead of sprawled across your room (or living room… or kitchen…) If you have less-often used items that are still a big part of your life (like a surfboard, if you’re into that) have an entire compartment or section of your house dedicated to all things surfing so you know where to find everything before your pre-dawn journey to the beach. There are no con’s to saving time, so get to cleaning!

Stress Less

Overall, spring cleaning will help you stress less. Life is already full of small battles, so why not have one big victory. Cleaning and organizing can help you save time, money, and it’s a great time for self-reflection. It’s the best way to help clear your mind so you can go to bed early and be sure to wake up on the right side of the bed everyday. So what are you waiting for? Mark it on your calendar and this time, do your spring cleaning with a meaning!

Author: Maya Gilliss-Chapman

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