You’re in luck! This Tuesday is a federal holiday so you have plenty of time to sleep in and still get out and play. Chances are you have plans for July 4th, most of which will involve food and socializing. However, if those plans start in the afternoon, that leaves you an entire morning to get a quick workout in, even if only for an hour.

There’s no need to wakeup at dawn during a day off in order to get active, you can take your sweet time and even hit the snooze button once or twice. If you have a BBQ or 4th of July party to attend later, you have even more motivation to make some room in your belly for the feast.

Of course, you don’t have to use the morning to dive right into a multi-mile run. If you haven’t found time to exercise in the morning, you probably aren’t in total shape and should take it easy. Plus, that might be an indicator of your commitment issues with longterm workout routines.

No worries –– here are a few workout routines that you can do with no equipment, no money, and no time! Okay, well, very minimal time.

Go get ’em, tiger.


You’ve seen so many images of people doing yoga at the crack of dawn, knowing deep inside that you will never be one of those people. However, a day off changes everything. You can wake up at 10am and still be able to do a quick yoga session after getting a full 8 hours of sleep (or more.)

Even better, you can do your yoga workout from the comfort and privacy of your own home. That cuts down travel time or any other inconvenience. Plus, y0u can get back into the swing of working out sans the pressure of doing it with an entire class of experts.


Another easy and effective exercise you’ve probably been meaning to do might revolve around your abs. Again, from the comfort of your own home, you can do a quick 15 or 30 minute ab workout that hits all the right places. Download a workout app if you need guidance or make up your own routine, whatever you decide, you will have all the time in the world to finish the workout this Tuesday. Okay, well not all the time in the world, but enough time to fit in a 15 minute workout before your afternoon BBQ event.

Neighborhood run

Okay, so staying in is the easiest way to create a no-excuse workout, but if you can get out of the house, you should definitely do that. There’s no need to head to the gym or the nearest track, you can simply dust off and lace up your trainers and run around the neighborhood!

It’s a great opportunity for your long-overdue catch-up with your neighbors, or perhaps you want to spend some quality time running with a furry friend.


In the spirit of getting out and about, this biking workout definitely requires more equipment (including a helmet!) but it’s a great way for you to stray farther from the nest. Find a scenic bike route near you and enjoy the views during an early afternoon ride. You’ll be able to go far out but be back in time to shower and fix up a snack before you see your friends and family later.

We hope you have an amazing 4th of July! Remember, your day off is the workout opportunity you’ve been waiting for. All you have to do is just do it.

Author: Maya Gilliss-Chapman

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