Toast. There’s nothing better than crunchy, tasty whole-grain (or gluten free) bread smothered with endless combinations of delicious toppings. It can be eaten for any meal: breakfast, brunch, or even as a hearty open-faced sandwich for lunch or dinner.

The best thing about toast is that it’s effortless to make, and the flavor combinations are endless. Your toppings can be superfood packed, nutritional powerhouses, which make your toast a healthy meal option packed with protein, healthy fats, and unrefined carbs.

We put our spin on some classic toast options that are not only restaurant and Instagram worthy, but also very easy to make at home. Get ready to wow your tastebuds with these topping combinations, and never go back to just plain butter again!

Fig + ricotta + honey + walnuts

Top your toast with fresh ricotta, which is packed with calcium, and sliced figs. Not only are juicy figs delicious and beautiful, but they’re also a great source of potassium and magnesium. Drizzle your toast with local honey, and a sprinkle of crushed walnuts for a boost of omega 3s.

Chocolate hazelnut butter + coconut yogurt + banana + cacao

For the perfect dessert toast, try a natural chocolate hazelnut butter made just from cocoa and hazelnuts, without the added milk or sugar. Spread your toast with the nut butter, then top it with a bit of coconut yogurt for a dairy free, naturally sweet, and creamy topping. Finish it off with potassium-packed banana slides, and a sprinkle of shaved dark chocolate for some extra decadence.

Avocado + roasted cherry tomatoes + lemon + salt & pepper

We all love a simple slice of avocado toast, which is packed with flavor and heart-healthy monounsaturated fat. Take it up a notch by topping it with slow roasted cherry tomatoes, for some natural sweetness and a boost of lycopene. Garnish with a squeeze of fresh lemon, and a sprinkle of salt and pepper.

Natural peanut butter + blueberries + strawberry chia jam

Nothing beats a good old PB&J! This version is perfect for adults and kids alike. Spread your toast with natural peanut butter (the best kind is made with only peanuts and maybe a bit of salt!) and top with strawberry chia jam. Finish topping it off with antioxidant rich blueberries for a little extra flavor!

What is your favorite topping combo for your toast? We’d love to see! Tag us in your pictures on Instagram and we will feature them!

Author: Maggie Harriman

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