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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.May 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — HealthTap, provider of the world’s most comprehensive virtual primary healthcare, announced today free real-time healthcare to those who are suffering from the current record-breaking storms, floods and tornadoes hitting the United States.

“Our physicians are on stand-by, ready to provide immediate care to ensure those impacted have access to the medical care they need during this difficult time,” said Bill Gossman, CEO of HealthTap.

“With nearly two weeks of severe weather systems and more predicted to come, medical resources in these affected areas are in high demand, and we know it’s hard for many people to get out of their homes to seek care,” explained Gossman. “Because we can help triage issues and provide high-quality care anytime, anywhere, we have a longstanding commitment to activating our virtual medical platform in times of emergency.”

Beginning now and through the next seven days, those who are being affected by these disasters can gain immediate free healthcare by going to They can get answers to health questions, triage symptoms, or consult with a physician through their phone, computer, or tablet.

Since December 2015, HealthTap has provided a week of free virtual primary care services to victims of numerous global natural disasters.

About HealthTap
HealthTap is the global technology leader in delivering universal access to quality healthcare. HealthTap transforms both the patient and doctor experiences while saving time and reducing costs for all. The company offers its platform and apps to employers, insurance companies, and health systems around the world. Additionally, more than 144,000 doctors and 7.6 million consumer members have trusted HealthTap’s free, mobile app for immediate access to healthcare.

Visit or download the app from the Apple App or Google Play stores and sign up for free.

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