The weather is just begging you to step outside and take a break.

Relaxing and clearing your mind is an essential part of staying happy and healthy, however your duties at work and at home make taking a summer vacation very difficult.

That’s no excuse –– you deserve a break.

Alright, so maybe you don’t have the time to fly halfway across the world and go on a Euro trip, but you can still have an out-of-this-world experience right in your backyard. In fact, these hidden gems might be just what you need to shake up your year.

Here are a few summer vacation suggestions for those who are short on time, but desperately need some R&R.

The boat life:

Most of your time is spent on land, so why not hit the water?

If you’re looking for a change of scenery and some peace and quiet, try going out into the water. Whether it is a lake or an ocean, being out in the middle of a body of water can make you feel like you are drifting away from all of your problems. You’ll find yourself so relaxed, you’ll contemplate returning to land.

Just because you want to sail away, doesn’t mean you have to rent a yacht. Kayaks and sail boat rentals are great choices for money-conscious individuals who are just looking for a short-term commitment.

With the earth being 71% water, there are surely many places you and your boat can go.

A not-that-far-away getaway:

Plane tickets and car rentals and accommodations, oh my!

Vacations can easily rack up a large dollar sign, and even if you’re one of the lucky ducks that can foot that bill, it’s always better to save money rather than spend it. Cut out the travel costs by going to the next town over and renting a hotel room or Airbnb.

By cutting out travel expenses, you can put that money towards a hotel upgrade or nice dinner, or you can save it for a rainy day. Staying in a hotel can make you instantly feel like you’re on vacation and buying a plane ticket is absolutely not a prerequisite for booking a room. Chances are, you haven’t explored neighboring cities as much as you would have liked, so there could be a hidden oasis just a skip and a hop away!

Go back to camp:

Ah, the great outdoors.

A camping trip is totally feasible to do over a weekend. If you have a vacation day to spend, perhaps use it to splurge on a three-day weekend to really clear your mind. Split the cost with friends for a practically-free getaway or take your family. This vacation is definitely going to have an affordable price tag.

You can do budget-friendly activities like roasting marshmallows or star gazing. If you can find a camp ground near a river, perhaps give white water rafting a try! For those that aren’t totally one with nature, there is always, of course, glam-ping. For that, refer back to our “not-that-far-away getaway” section. 😉

Hit the road, Jack:

If you simply want to go somewhere new, and you don’t care where, just pick a place within three-hours of you and hit the road. To really feel like you’re on vacation, take the scenic route and splurge on a rental car (convertible, anyone?) instead of fancy meals and hotels.

Just riding around with friends and upgrading your car can make you feel like you’re in a totally different life. After all, that’s how a vacation is supposed to make you feel, right?

Author: Maya Gilliss-Chapman

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