People with fever and flu traveling by public transport

This flu season has gone down as one of the most severe on record. It’s affected more people and in a more significant way than ever before.

HealthTap looked at its data to analyze how this year’s flu season compared to last year’s and what role virtual care has played in treating patients who reported flu-like symptoms.

We found more people were affected this season. The overall ratio of virtual consults for flu-like symptoms increased in comparison to last year’s flu season.

People were also affected more severely this season. The ratio of virtual consults that resulted in antiviral prescriptions for flu treatment increased by a factor of five from last year.

Finally, the ratio of virtual consults for flu-like symptoms among our users was double that of in-person doctor visits for flu-like symptoms among the general population. This suggests that virtual care is emerging as a preferred method of flu treatment.

Flu season infographic

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