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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle while on vacation can sometimes seem like a challenge. You’re not on your usual routine, you’re surrounded by lots of delicious foreign foods and drink, and you’re craving some well-deserved time to relax and lounge about.

Being active on vacation while still having time to rest can be easy, and you definitely don’t have to feel you’re “working out.” After all, vacation is the time to immerse yourself in your surroundings, to learn about the culture of the destination you are visiting, and to cherish time with friends and family over stressing about how you’re going to fit in time to hit the hotel gym.

Here are some sneaky ways that you can stay fit on vacation that will make your trip even more exciting and fun, that also allow you to stay present in the moment.

Get adventurous

Some of the best activities you can do while on vacation are ones that keep you active. Near a beach? Try snorkeling, where you can swim while spotting ocean life, or kayaking, which is a killer upper-body workout that can burn about 340 calories an hour. Exploring the terrain? Rent mountain bikes and bike around to discover your surroundings.

Allow yourself to get lost

As you’re exploring a new city, allow yourself to walk around parts of it without a plan. Not only will you get lots of steps in, but you will get to see corners of the city that you may never have expected or planned to see. Instead of hopping from destination to destination via car, wander; you’ll find hidden gems you may never have found otherwise.

Climb the tallest building

Are you in a historical city? Make it a mission to climb the stairs of some of the cathedrals and towers. Not only will you get a nice little burn from the incline, but you’ll immerse yourself in history, and get a killer view from the top at the end.

Feel like a local

Yoga on the beach in Bali, local fitness classes in New York, hiking through the jungle in Costa Rica, salsa dancing in Spain. Regardless of where you are, find fun and creative ways to not only plug into your immediate surroundings, but to also give you a feel of the local flair. Not only will you be more active, but these activities can help you have a deeper appreciation of the culture and place you are in.

Author: Maggie Harriman

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