HIMSS has officially released its forecast of the trends that will be the most important to watch at this year’s exhibition in Vegas. As 45,000 thought leaders and innovators come together for a week of learning and collaboration, these industry-disrupting trends are sure to shape the discussion around the future of a sustainable healthcare system. This March, these are the topics that are sure to be on everyone’s minds at HIMSS.

Patient Engagement

Improving patient engagement is key to improving the patient experience. While research shows that 73% of provider executives think balancing patient satisfaction and employee satisfaction inhibits efforts to improve the patient experience, HIMSS will explore how technology can help close the gap between “clinicians’ desire to do right by the patient and the ability to do it seamlessly and cost-effectively.”

Cloud Computing

It’s becoming ever more common to use the cloud to manage clinical applications, a cloud computing is both cost-effective and enables data to be accessible regardless of location. HIMSS will explore how mitigating security concerns and interoperability challenges raised by cloud computing will be a “significant step in maximizing value for patients and providers alike.”

Revenue Cycle

Where investments in healthcare revenue cycle software are soaring, revenue cycle professionals are working to find ways to tackle the challenges of high deductibles, delivering a quality patient experience, managing denials, and pricing transparency. HIMSS will explore how revenue cycle management will develop in an environment where “patients are at the heart of organizational strategy.”

Connected Health

Connected health technologies are able to bring patients closer to their caregivers, and provide them with a better patient experience while improving the culture and practice of healthcare. HIMSS will explore connected health technologies improve cost and care efficiencies and patient outcomes while tackling the “interoperability, regulatory, and cultural challenges” that inhibit the adoption of these technologies.  

Machine Learning and AI

With machine learning and artificial intelligence now the stuff of the present rather than the future, increasing numbers of healthcare organizations plan to leverage these aspects of technology within the next few years. HIMSS will explore how machine learning and AI will grow within the healthcare industry, and how t can be incorporated as a “transformative solution” into existing healthcare workflows.

HealthTap is excited to be showcasing its latest products and innovations that align with these trends at HIMSS.  Stop by booth #3560 to check out HealthTap Cloud, our connected partner healthcare solutions, our artificial intelligence symptom triage Dr. A.I., and our machine learning powered health operating system (HOPES) that creates personalized, engaging patient experiences. We can’t wait to see you there for a ton of fun surprises!

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