HealthTap Becomes First Health App on Google’s Android Wear

HealthTap Continues to Redefine Healthcare,
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Today, HealthTap announces it will be the first healthcare app to be featured on Google’s Android Wear platform. The new HealthTap SmartWatch app will be available on the new compact and powerful Android watches. Breaking ground as the next iteration for digital health services, HeathTap’s new application will redefine the future of personal health in the always-on mobile communications era.

HealthTap believes that immediate ubiquitous access to healthcare and doctors will transform the industry as well as create a new comprehensive health experience for millions everywhere. The HealthTap experience on Google’s Android Wear helps users learn more, get help and take action to feel good every day.

The HealthTap app for Android Wear offers an intuitive and interactive interface for consumers to manage their health right from their wrists. Here’s how the clean and simple user experience works:

  • Doctor-created checklists and prescription reminders are delivered directly to your wrist to help you better manage your health and well-being, even while you’re on the go.

  • Swipe the watch face to confirm or snooze notifications, or to reveal additional health tips. Users can set reminders and alerts through the HealthTap app that pop up on the watch.

  • Immediate feedback and timely tips from doctors to reinforce the formation of good habits, adherence to prescriptions, and better health.


Here’s an example of how someone might use the app:

Joe is traveling to KwaZulu-Natal for an African Safari this summer, where mosquitoes are a huge problem and malaria is endemic. His doctor prescribes Mefloquine, an antimalarial drug, to be taken once a week for two weeks before departure, and continuing regularly until four weeks after he has returned from his trip.  He wants to remain on top of his prescription schedule and to do so, he uses the HealthTap app to received doctor reminders and tip on his Android Wearable SmartWatch .

When it’s time to take his malaria pills, the HealthTap app on his watch alerts him with a discrete buzz. After he swipes the watch to confirm adherence, he receives positive reinforcement from a HealthTap doctor, along with three useful tips to ensure his health and safety during this trip, and make good health top-of-mind:

  • Avoid raw foods washed with local water
  • Apply SPF sunblock at least every 4 hours in the sun
  • Always sleep under a mosquito net in Malaria infested regions in Africa

“Having HealthTap on my SmartWatch means I get the most relevant, useful, actionable information when I need it most. It makes health “tap-of-mind” said Ron Gutman, HealthTap’s founder and CEO. “The reminders and timely tips are invaluable in helping millions everywhere reach their health and wellness goals, adhere to doctor advice and healthy living best practices, and feel good every day.”

Android Wear currently runs on LG’s G Watch and Samsung’s Live Gear, both of which are available today, with Motorola’s Moto 360 coming later this summer.

About HealthTap

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9 Healthy Skin Hacks

Healthy skin is an indicator of a healthy lifestyle. Keeping your skin hydrated, bright, and young-looking doesn’t have to be a chore! HealthTap doctors are here with interesting facts about skin cancer prevention and some easy skin care tips to help you have the healthiest skin of your life!

Mature-Woman-SkincareWhat are the benefits of using vitamin E?

“Vitamin e reduces dryness and increases the skins capacity to retain its natural moisturizers. Also, vitamin e’s potent antioxidant ability aids in neutralizing free radical damage in a protective function after exposure to cigarette smoke, and when used prior to uv exposure. Skin is protected, and is less red, dry and/or swollen.” – Dr. Andre Berger

What are skin tags?

“Skin tags are simply redundant skin that cause protuberances, often around areas that are frequently rubbed by clothing or are traumatized by friction. They often occur around the neck, under the arms and on the buttocks. When these skin tags get traumatized, they can get inflamed and very painful, or they can bleed. They can usually be easily removed under local anesthesia in a doctor’s office.” – Dr. Andrew Glantz

What skincare products can I use on my baby?

Exfoliating-Skincare“The most important thing is to use products without scents and additives, as these can irritate your baby’s skin. Many rashes and peeling skin do not require any skincare products as they can be normal for your baby. If it is recommended some safe products are vasoline, aquaphor and eucerin cream.” – Dr. Laura Webb

What foods should I eat to prevent getting skin cancer?

“Diet is not a factor in preventing skin cancer. Sunscreen with uva and uvb protection is the most effective thing you can use to prevent skin cancer.” – Dr. Karen B. Vaniver

Is skin cancer preventable?

“It is thought that most skin cancers are caused by excessive and prolonged sun exposure. Some skin cancers may be caused by a single bad sunburn. So most skin cancer specialists believe most skin cancers can be prevented by wearing protective clothing during peak sunlight hours and with generous use of sun screens.” – Dr. John F. Hoffmann

Babies-in-the-sunWhat can I do about my dandruff?

“Thick scalp scale (dandruff) may respond to olive oil applied to the skin several times a week.” - Dr. Coyle S. Connoll

How should I care for my skin?

“First and foremost you should protect your skin from damaging ultraviolet rays (ie the sun, tanning booths). Spf creams that are 15+ in addition to sun protective clothing (hats, sunglasses) are the mainstay of protection. Maintaining a healthy diet, good hydration, and avoiding smoking will also help. A daily skin care regimen with anti-oxidants and gentle cleansers can go a long way as well.” – Dr. Jeffrey D. Pollard

What are some tips for glowing skin?

“Drink water and consume fresh fruits and vegies. Also get plenty of sleep.” – Dr. Tracy Lovell

What else can I do to prevent skin cancer besides wearing sunscreen?

“Limiting your exposure to uv radiation. Never use a tanning bed. And see your friendly dermatologist for routine complete skin examinations.” – Dr. Travis Kidner


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Wellness Series: 10 Handy Travel Tips

Summer is here, and that means that you or someone you know may be preparing for a vacation. Whether you are driving an hour away to the beach, or flying abroad, we have the travel tips that you need. At HealthTap, we want to help make sure that your travels are as safe and healthy as possible. Check out some of the tips and advice our doctors have given for your important travel questions, and enjoy your trip!

What do you recommend if I am traveling with allergies?

“Have meds handy. I would suggest you have all your inhalers and allergy meds with you. Visit your doc prior to your trip to make sure you have everything you might need. Do not check in your prescriptions.“ – Dr. Josephine Ruiz-Healy

Family traveling by airplaneHow can I fight anxiety during plane travel?

“Many travelers experience anxiety during plane travel, despite knowing it is a very, very safe mode of transportation. Worldwide nearly 3 million people fly safely every day. Anxiety may be lessoned by simple relaxation techniques or meditation. There are even classes and flight simulation programs available. Anti-anxiety medications (such as valium or ativan) may have a role – talk to your doctor.” – Dr. Eric L. Weiss

What are some healthy snacks to travel with?

“I like plain raw nuts (not roasted or salted) of type you like. Can add gluten free oatmeal like steel cut and organic (certified pesticide free from a health food store near you)dried fruits of your liking. Good clean source of protein and low carbs with no gluten.” – Dr. Thomas W. Rohde

Can you get multiple travel vaccines at once?

“Getting multiple vaccines at the same time is safe and convenient. You body is more than capable of responding to many vaccines in the same day. They are designed to stimulate your body’s immune system in a way that it will ‘remember’ and protect you should you be exposed to the disease(s). A common cold (URI) is far more complex to your immune system than multiple vaccines on the same day.” – Dr. Sarah Kohl

Toddler Girl Sleeping on the planeHow do I deal with travel related fatigue?

“1) plan your trip, 2) see your physician and plan to have all your medications available, 3) find out about local hospitals/physicians, 4) do not plan an itinerary which becomes overly detailed or tiring 5) take breaks and enjoy your vacation 6) eat properly and always have clean water 7) travel with companions 8) enjoy!”
- Dr. Shalabh S. Bansal

How does travel change your body’s circadian rhythm?

“Circadian rhythm are physical, mental and behavioral changes that follow a 24 hr cycle. They respond to light and dark in an environment. Travel across time zones will often upset our body’s natural clock making it out of sync with the destination time. Rhythms dictating time for eat, sleep, hormone regulation and body temp. No longer correspond to one’s new environment.” Dr. Michael H.T. Sia

How can I get sleep schedule on local time after travel?

“Your internal clock is set and reset daily by sunlight and melatonin (your body’s sleep hormone). Get out into the morning and evening sunlight and take melatonin before bedtime. Melatonin is available over the counter. Additionally, you will want to eat at the appropriate times on your new schedule. You will be adjusted in a few days.” – Dr. Sarah Kohl

I always get nose bleeds when I travel. Why does this happen and what can I do to stop them?

HappyTouristSightseeing | HealthTap“Nosebleeds often are due to the changes in weather and heating and airconditioning changes which dry out the nasal mucuc membranes, which are thin and may tear or bleed with minimal trauma. Use saline nasal spray, not afrin or other nasal meds with blood vessel constricting agents in them. Also, make your membranes inside the nostrils moist with vaseline or other emollients.” – Dr. John Scuba

What’s a resource I can use for travel advice?

“Advice depends a lot of what country you are traveling to. The cdc has some great information for travelers on what shots they should get before you travel, what to bring, etc. Their web address is cdc.Gov/travel. You should also make sure that if you take medications regularly that you have more then enough to get you through the trip.” – Dr. Zoey Goore

What can I do to prevent blood clots while flying?

“An aspirin before a long plane ride may save your life and prevent clot in leg.” – Dr. Ihab J. Ibrahim

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Wellness Series: Summer Beach Trip Tips

Summer is finally here! We hope you’ll get lots of time at the beach in the sun with your family and friends. Going to the beach should be fun, and you can keep it that way if you stay mindful of a few healthy tips.

Whether you’re an experienced outdoors adventurer interested in staying safe on some beautiful remote island, or you’re on vacation and want to make sure you’re practicing healthy beach behavior, our HealthTap doctors are here to provide you with the beach tips and facts that will keep you happy and healthy in the sun, all summer long!

What to wear to the beach if you have a changing mole?

“You should get evaluated if you noted any change in color, size, ulceration, irregular borders or symptoms such as pain, itching, etc. Don’t wait. See a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon. Best to you.”
- Dr. Humberto Palladino

How do you protect yourself from cold sores when tanning at the beach?

“To prevent cold sores from occurring wash hands often. Maintain a healthful lifestyle (regular exercise, nutritious diet, adequate sleep, keeping stress at bay). Keep lips well moisturized & apply sun screen to the areas that your cold sores normally pop up. Talk with your physician about supplementing with Lysine.”
- Dr. Heidi A. Fowler

How can I tell if my child is dehydrated at the beach?

“Signs of dehydration may include the following: sunken eyes decreased frequency of urination or dry diapers sunken soft spot on the front of the head in babies (called the fontanel), no tears when the child cries dry or sticky mucous membranes (the lining of the mouth or tongue), lethargy (less than normal activity), irritability (more crying, fussiness with inconsolability),  acute weight loss.” – Dr. Michael H. T. Sia

My skin gets really clear after going to the beach. How come?

“Uv light is known to help acne but when you’re in the sun, you cannot calculate the right dose of it, so along with some advantage, there are also disadvantages such as overexposure with resultant risk of burns, increase risk of skin malignancy, etc. I would not just go to the beach to tan to get acne better. Talk to doc about uv therapy for acne whether it is right for you or not.” – Dr. Pavel Conovalciuc

What are white blotches on skin after sun exposure at the beach?

“A skin fungus, tinea corporis, is a possibility. Especially if they occur on the back and chest. Also areas of old scars will not heal well. There are other conditions such as vitiligo that will not tan.” – Dr. Jack Hinkle

Going to the beach tommorow and I need to fix this cough. Any remedies?

“Hydrate well. Consider using a warm air vaporizer. Mix several teaspoons of honey into herbal tea with a squeeze of lemon juice. Or make tea with 2 tsp of marshmallow root bark per 1cup of hot water (steep in a covered pot for at least 5 minutes). Drink several times a day or as needed to relieve coughing. See a physician if your cough is not resolving, difficulty breathing or temp > 104.” – Dr. Heidi A. Fowler

What to do about burning eyes from the sun all day at the beach?

“Now that the event has already occurred, the first thing to try is artificial teardrops to help with any dryness that has resulted. If this does not help, you should see an ophthalmologist to consider starting anti-inflammatory eyedrops. In all honesty, the best idea is to try to prevent this from occurring by wearing uv sunglasses next time!” – Dr. Kyle Rhodes

How do I get rid of dry skin on face after going on beach holiday?

“Skin is dried out. Avoid sun for now and use moisturizer with spf such as neutrogena. If itchy you can add hydrocortisone for a few days.”
- Dr. Morris Westfried

How do I deal with chafing from the beach?

“You can apply vaseline petroleum jelly or a skin moisturizer.” – Dr. Oscar Novick

Will I attract sharks if I swim in the ocean during my period?

“[A]lthough sharks have a phenomenal sense of smell & can smell blood, there is no evidence that links menstrual blood to shark attacks. To date more than 90% of shark attacks have been against males. Enjoy your time at the beach.” – Dr. Heidi A. Fowler

I went to the beach and got blisters from the sun. What can I put on them?

“Neosporin or Polysporin ointment is a good first-aid treatment for sunburn blisters.” – Dr. Thomas G. Fiala

Is it safe for a person with seafood allergies to swim in the ocean or go to the beach?

“Yes. Most people with seafood allergies are truly allergic to proteins in seafood. However, exposure to these proteins in ocean water and at the beach is so minimal, that the vast majority of seafood allergic patients have no reaction to them. Contrary to a popular misconception, seafood allergy is not due to iodine, and does not cause an increased risk of reaction to dyes used for x-rays and ct scans.” – Dr. Kenneth S. Backman

What should I look for in a sunscreen?

“When buying sunscreen, look for products that have micronized zinc oxide and titanium dioxide in them. These broad-spectrum physical blocking agents protect against both uva and uvb rays without harmful chemicals. Find a product with a minimum spf of 30, but remember that spf only applies to the uvb rays. No standard measurement of protection is yet available for the uva component of sunlight.”
- Dr. Brock Ridenour

I have really fair skin and I am going to the beach. What is the best way to protect myself from the sun?

“The best way to protect yourself from the sun is to wear a sunscreen with at least spf 15 or higher (if you’re fair, 30-45+ is better) and to cover up with a hat and clothing. If you’re in the water, re-apply your sunscreen often; even if it is “water proof” it will wash off when you go in for a swim.” – Dr. Pavel Conovalciuc

How can I get rid of my bikini razor burn?

“For razor burns in the bikini area, first of all stop shaving there for a week or more. Remember, razor burns come from a razor! Wash with an antibacterial soap and do not wear tight panties. An antibiotic cream or ointment applied a couple of time a day may cure any possible infection. If no better, see a dermatologist.”
- Dr. Jerome Litt

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Wellness Series: Feel Good with Healthy Habits

Healthy habits help you feel good and stay on track with your goals. But how do you get started when you already have a lot on your mind? Whether you’re ready to finally stop smokingcut back on the caffeine, or get into the habit of daily exercise, our HealthTap doctors are happy to inspire you to break your bad habits and replace them with new healthier ones. Let’s get started!

How can I stop biting my nails?

“To break the habit, try a clear nail polish that tastes bad such as mavala. When you notice the taste, make note of your experience just before (cue/antecedents) – stress, boredom, etc. Try new ways to cope with that experience (like stretching or eating a sugarfree mint) until you break the cycle. Next find ways to anticipate & face those emotional cues head-on. A cognitive therapist can help you.” – Dr. John Holmberg

How can I teach my kids to practice healthy eating habits?

“Good healthy eating habits start with toddlers — expose them to fruits, veggies, portion control.” – Dr. Edison Wong

What’s an easy and healthy habit I can adopt?

“7-8 hours of restorative sleep every night is a healthy habit that supports healthy weight loss.” - Dr. David Drewitz

What should I do if I want to quit smoking?

“The smoking habit has several aspects– stress relief, physical addiction, and habits. To be effective at quitting, people often need to find other ways to relieve stress such as exercise or relaxation. The effects physical addiction can be dealt with by nicotine products or by cutting back gradually. People also need to find something else to with their hands and their mouth.” – Dr. Kristi Kohl

I want to drink less soda. How can I do it?

“Tapering off soda is probably the best way to do it: try mixing in other beverages that aren’t carbonated. If, for example, you drink 5 cans of soda a day, start by cutting down to 4 a day for a week, then 3, and so on. Make it a point to drink water or any other type of healthy drink and increase those as you decrease your soda. Maybe you’ll end up liking something else better that’s healthy!” - Dr. Karl Spector80619369

What can I do to stop grinding my teeth?

“Try stress reduction techniques. If you grind at night, try not to watch the news or do anything work-related before going to sleep. Sometimes daily exercise can be helpful. Also, see your dentist to see if a night guard would be beneficial.” - Dr. Stephen J. Gordon

What are easy ways to practice healthier habits every day?

“Daily habits. Did you know standing during phone conversations and parking far away are simple ways.” – Dr. Gopinath Upamaka

I stay up too late and sleep much of the day. How can I go back to a normal sleeping schedule?

  1. Keep regular bed & wakening time (even weekends). Get up same time daily.
  2. Use regular, relaxing bedtime routine: warm bath / shower, aromatherapy, reading, or listening to gentle music.
  3. Sleep in dark, quiet, cool room w comfy mattress & pillows.
  4. Bedroom only for sleep & sex. Put work materials, computers, & TVs in another room.
  5. Finish eating at least 2-3 hrs prior to bed.
  6. No caffeine w/i 6 hours; alcohol & smoking w/i 2 hrs of bed.
  7. Exercise regularly; finish a few hrs before bedtime.
  8. No naps. Retire only when tired.
  9. Find another time to write down problems & solutions.
  10. After 10-15 mins of inability to sleep, go to another room & read or watch TV until sleepy. Consider acupuncture, chamomile tea, warm milk or melatonin.”

- Dr. Heidi A. Fowler

What should I do when I get a snack attack?

“Studies have shown that the urge to snack usually disappears after about 10 min. I would recommend some alternative activity once you recognize that you have the urge to snack. That might be exercise or working in the garden. It may be calling a friend and talking on the phone or listening to music. I would recommend doing something that you enjoy so that you can start to change triggers.” – Dr. Vance Harris179695018

What’s one way to make sure my kids practice healthy habits?

“Want your children to learn healthy habits, practice the habits daily. They are watching what you do.” – Dr. Barbara Lavi

Should my eating habits change if I am pregnant?

“The same healthy habits apply in and outside of pregnancy. A balanced diet of more fresh and less processed food is the way to go. And try to take your prenatal vitamin daily.” – Dr. Liza H. Kunz We hope these tips will help you start and stick to your new healthy habits. According to Dr. Drewitz, “don’t give breaking bad habits your focus. Channel your energy toward building healthy habits.”

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