5 Ways to Winterproof Your Skin

When it comes to wintertime protection for your skin, the first place to start is by staying warm—but not too warm! Here are five quick tips on winterproofing your skin. 1. Limit hot showers. A long, hot shower might sound appealing after a day out in the cold, but err towards a very warm shower READ MORE →

Thank You, Dr. Joseph De Santi

We’re delighted to see HealthTap Concierge growing and having an important role in doctors’ practices. For example, Dr. Joseph De Santi, one of our most loved doctors, is known as “MD in your home” and provides “old fashioned care for the modern era”. He has published a HealthTap Concierge widget on his practice website, and even explains the READ MORE →

8 Healthy Habits to Help You Live to 80

Life expectancy in the United States is just below 80, but it’s still much better than it used to be during the Bronze Age: 26 years. Improvements in technology and healthcare have come a long way over the last three centuries, but there are plenty of simple things you can do to make sure you READ MORE →