Subchondroplasty: An Innovative Solution to Your Knee Pain Needs


By: Dr. Rick Pospisil Ever experienced knee pain that had no apparent origin? For many afflicted by this seemingly inexplicable suffering, the cause could be a subchondral bone marrow lesion—micro cracks that develop in the part of the bone that intersects the knee joint, just below the surface. These defects are often undetectable on imaging READ MORE →

Breastfeeding: What Every Mother Should Know

By: Dr. Maya Vazirani Having a newborn child can be exciting but also terrifying at the same time. You would do anything to raise the healthiest child possible, but who do you trust to provide you with the correct information? It seems as if everyone has an opinion, and headlines about new breastfeeding research come out READ MORE →

Tips for Healthy Summer Feet

By: Dr. Ashley Vanderloop Have you been diagnosed with foot fungus, calluses, or plantar fasciitis? Then this would be the perfect time to get those feet in great condition for the beach (or for sandal season)! Here are a few wonderful natural treatments you can easily add to your daily regimen: Apply a light layer READ MORE →

Featuring Dr. Jesse Krakauer: Hour Detroit Magazine’s Top Docs

Dr. Jesse Krakauer was recognized as an endocrine specialist by Hour Detroit Magazine’s Top Docs (2015). With more than 24 years of experience as a clinical endocrinologist with subspecialty expertise in bone and mineral and mineral metabolism and multidisciplinary bariatric programs, Dr. Krakauer uses software based on original research published in respected medical journals to READ MORE →

The Use of Opioids and Pain Management

By Dr. Ron Jones The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has concluded that there is a crippling epidemic of addiction to opioids and narcotics in the United States. Recently, the CDC has recommended specific Food & Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines to combat this epidemic and urge doctors to avoid opioid prescriptions. As you can imagine, READ MORE →