Doctors Weigh in on the Opioid Overdose Epidemic


Insights into the causes of and solutions for the opioid overdose epidemic By Geoffrey W. Rutledge MD, PhD Chief Medical Officer HealthTap In light of the tremendous publicity that the opioid overdose epidemic has received, we asked: What do doctors who are on the front lines of managing patients with pain think is the problem, and READ MORE →

Foodie Friday: Antioxidants

You’ve been told to make sure to eat foods that are rich in antioxidants, but why? “A diet rich in antioxidants is thought to have a beneficial effect on reducing cardiovascular disease,” says Dr. Martin Bress. Sounds straight-forward enough, but which foods are richest with antioxidants? Foods rich in antioxidants tend to be colorful berries and vegetables, READ MORE →

HealthTap Connects Journalists to U.S. Licensed Doctors

The HealthTap medical network is dedicated to contributing to and informing important conversations around trending medical topics.   The network is also an available resource for journalists in search of credible doctors who are immediately available to provide insights on topics of public interest. Journalists can submit requests to connect with doctors by specialty or READ MORE →

5 Ways to Feel Better Now

Look good, feel good––if only it were that easy! The reality is that life does a number on your mind and body, so it’s important to occasionally take time to pause and make sure you’re headed down a positive path. Focusing on these 5 areas is an easy way to start feeling better, right now: 1. READ MORE →

How To Eat Yourself Thin

By: Dr. Cynthia Guy To lose weight, the golden rule is to eat less and exercise more. But, what if there were certain foods that would allow you to increase your metabolism and allow you to eat more while still shedding pounds? Adding certain foods to your diet will encourage your body to release energy READ MORE →