Social Anxiety Disorder


By: Dr. Florence Nnebe You’ve seen it before: a lively children’s birthday party, one kid off to the side, staring longingly at the other children having fun, but too afraid or unable to join. We feel for these children––but we also understand. While it is natural for children to have social worries and fears, sometimes READ MORE →

Chronic Cough In Children

By Dr. Florence Nnebe I love both the spring and the fall because they signal  changes are coming. With these changes come feelings of hope, and the start of something new. In the springtime, we welcome the sunshine and the beautiful flowers that blossom in our fields and gardens. The colorful display of the red READ MORE →

#FoodieFriday: The Low-down on Low-fat

Look, the answer to losing weight isn’t at the bottom of your low-fat mocha. That being said, developing healthy habits and eliminating unnecessary ingredients from your diet is always a good idea. As part of a balanced diet, making a few low-fat choices can help you feel better. However, many doctors agree that pursuing a READ MORE →

SURVEY: Doctors say Cleveland Cavaliers healthier than Golden State Warriors ; still predict Warriors 2016 NBA Champs.

In honor of the historic rematch between two NBA power houses in the 2016 NBA finals, HealthTap surveyed its Sports Medicine doctors and Orthopedic surgeons. We asked who they think the healthier team is going into the NBA finals, and who will take home the 2016 NBA finals trophy. While the Splash Brothers look to READ MORE →

What to Expect With Expectations

By Dr. Mena Mesiha Medicine is not just about getting the best possible clinical results, but also the therapeutic relationship between patients and their doctors. Patients have a desire to be seen not “just” as a patient, but rather as someone in whose well-being the doctor has a personal interest. Many times, I hear people READ MORE →