Top Doctors Share Why Virtual Care is the Next Big Thing

2015 is the year of the virtual office visit. A study done by PricewaterhouseCoopers estimates that nearly 40% of adults would be willing to visit a doctor virtually, representing a potential $42 billion market. With the rise of on-demand platforms and services, consumers are looking for the Amazon online equivalent for healthcare. Healthcare providers want READ MORE →

25 Quotes About Love

Love and loving doesn’t just mean loving another person: it means loving yourself as well. One of the simplest ways to love yourself is to accept yourself, and it does wonders for your overall health and wellbeing. Love yourself, and then spread the love! Whether you think it’s a day that marks crowded restaurants and an READ MORE →

“The Talk” from HealthTap Doctors

Not only is Valentine’s Day coming up, but it’s also nearly spring (traditionally known as “mating season”). Love is the emotional side of a romantic relationship, and for many, sex is the physical side. In this week’s blog post, we’re bringing it back to sexual health basics. Do you remember receiving “The Talk” from a parent, relative, READ MORE →

5 Health Benefits of Music

As the saying goes, “Music has hath charms to soothe a savage breast.” Not only does music nourish our soul, it can also improve our health and well-being, according to a recent article in the Greater Good. Neuroscientists have discovered that listening to music lights up almost every area of the brain, heightening positive emotion READ MORE →