We’ve Got HOPES™ for You and Your Loved Ones


With Halloween a few days away, I was thinking to myself that there are probably not too many things more terrifying than navigating the current healthcare system. Who hasn’t experienced how fragmented, cumbersome, inaccessible, expensive, and extremely time-consuming a healthcare encounter can be? Unfortunately, healthcare at present is not designed around the end user, but READ MORE →

Welcome HealthTap Compass, Goodbye Archaic Insurance Card

At HealthTap, we believe that immediate access to world-class healthcare is a fundamental human right. Yet in a modern world of expanding connectivity, personalized data technology, and device mobility, this is not everyone’s reality quite yet. With rising healthcare costs, fragmented and overwhelming medical information, wasted time in waiting rooms, and delayed doctor’s appointments, the READ MORE →

The ImPatient Consumer

We’re humbled by the 3 billion doctor answers that we’ve served over the past 4 years through our hugely popular free Q&A service that allows anyone to ask a medical question and get an answer from a US-licensed doctor – often from more than one doctor, and usually within minutes. Our service has become one READ MORE →

How Technology Has Changed The Way We Access Health

When I grew up, the primary sources of health information for most of us were our physicians or our friends and family. But over the past decade the resources we use and rely on for health information, and how we use it, have radically changed. With the ubiquitous availability of the Internet, we’re now taking on the role of gathering and assessing this information ourselves, often before we visit or return to our doctors. To find health information, most of us turn to search engines or health sites — whether to answer questions about a new physical discomfort, a known ailment or about a health matter facing a child or other person we care. READ MORE →