3 Quick and Easy (Doctor Approved) Smoothie Bowls


Summer is here, and so is the heat. Luckily, this lends itself right into creating some of the most delicious, beautiful (and healthy) food plates around. HealthTap Doctor Videh Mahajan recommends using darker fruits to help improve skin care because they are filled with antioxidants. Smoothie bowls are undoubtedly the food of the summer, so READ MORE →

5 Tips to Stay Hydrated Over the Summer

Maybe you’re a collegiate athlete preparing for your fall season. Perhaps you are a parent of a child who is participating in an all-day sports camp. Either way, if you’re invested in a sport in some way, you should be cautious of the dangers of dehydration this summer. Due to the intense heat felt during READ MORE →

#FoodieFriday: The Low-down on Low-fat

Look, the answer to losing weight isn’t at the bottom of your low-fat mocha. That being said, developing healthy habits and eliminating unnecessary ingredients from your diet is always a good idea. As part of a balanced diet, making a few low-fat choices can help you feel better. However, many doctors agree that pursuing a READ MORE →

SURVEY: Doctors say Cleveland Cavaliers healthier than Golden State Warriors ; still predict Warriors 2016 NBA Champs.

In honor of the historic rematch between two NBA power houses in the 2016 NBA finals, HealthTap surveyed its Sports Medicine doctors and Orthopedic surgeons. We asked who they think the healthier team is going into the NBA finals, and who will take home the 2016 NBA finals trophy. While the Splash Brothers look to READ MORE →

#FoodieFriday: Calories

I’ll be honest. I’m watching my calories, but I’m actually not even sure what they are and why I should be aware of my calorie intake. Fortunately, Dr. Michael DePietro has the answer: “A calorie is the amount of energy needed to increase a liter of water 1 degree centigrade… So if you eat a READ MORE →