20 Tips to Keep Your Brain Sharp

March 16-22 is Brain Awareness Week, a global campaign to increase public awareness of the progress and benefits of brain research. Launched by The Dana Foundation, BAW celebrates the brain and brain research. To get in the right mindset for next week, here are 20 doctor-approved tips to keep your brain sharp. Stay active, no matter READ MORE →

Meet Our Featured AppRx App Developers

Since launching AppRx, HealthTap’s network of 67,000 top U.S. doctors have reviewed and recommended tens of thousands of health and wellness apps in 30 different categories, from pregnancy & fertility, to children’s health, to weight loss. And in January, our doctor’s top picks were featured in the first HealthTap AppRx Report. To date, more than 50,000 health apps READ MORE →

Where Has Your Sleep Gone?

Our modern world is more than saturated with the reality of stress, competition, technology, etc. As a result, our instinctual and natural habits of survival are increasingly becoming fragmented and useless. Students, researchers, government officials, doctors, lawyers, labor workers, and parents give little thought in their daily, busy schedules to realize that their entire waking READ MORE →