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HealthTap is honored to be selected as a winner for Patient Education in the Web Health Awards program. The prestigious competition, now entering its 13th year, recognizes high-quality digital health resources for consumers and health professionals.

We appreciate the role the Web Health Awards plays in highlighting leading interactive and digital health resources that are changing the face of health in this country. With competitions like these, health institutions can lead by example and be showcased as a role model to others.

Congratulations to all of our fellow awards winners! Follow the #whasf stream today as they announce the winners in all other categories.

*The Web Health Awards program is organized by the Health Information Resource Center (HIRC), an 18-year old clearinghouse for professionals who work in consumer health fields.

Example New Year’s Resolution Videos and How-To Guide

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Got a quick question for an MD? – M.D. to be – Marianne DiNapoli

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I recently started working for a new website called Health Tap. The site has the goal of helping patients get their health questions answered quickly by real physicians. If you sign up, you can enter in a question, and usually within hours you will get an email notification that a doctor has electronically answered your question. It is a great option if you don’t want to haul your kid to the pediatrician for a quick question, if you’re wondering why your doctor recommended a certain treatment, or if you have a question that you’re too embarrassed to ask someone in “real life.” There is so much bogus information out there on the internet, it is great to get a licensed doctor to answer your personal health questions.

So where do medical students come in? I’ll see a patient question pop up on the website, and I can submit a draft of the answer. A physician will then edit what I submitted and publish it on the site. It has been a fantastic learning experience for me, as I frequently have to do some research in order to answer the question. The physician editing process mirrors what actually happens in real life when I present a patient during morning rounds. In the hospital, some of the physicians in the hospital will tear my presentation apart, correcting me or questioning everything I say, while other docs just let me present and tell me I did a good job after. Similarly, some doctors on Health Tap completely re-word my answer, while others publish what I had written verbatim. Ha!

Readers, got a quick question for an MD? I highly recommend signing up for Health Tap. It’s free, informative, and fun!

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Last Day- Vote HealthTap for South by Southwest

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HealthTap has the chance to present at one of the largest and most influential technology conferences in the world, South by Southwest Interactive, but there’s a catch– you play a role in selecting who actually gets to speak.

Please read about the talks and panels we’ve prepared below and cast your vote to support Healthtap and our Interactive Health friends at SXSW. Voting is easy and we’ve made it simple and fast to share with friends via twitter and facebook.

To vote for HealthTap, simply:

  1. Click on the link(s) below to visit the proposals
  2. Register (at top of page) and press “Thumbs up” to cast your vote (please note: registration is required before you vote, , but it takes less than a minute to complete. If you click to vote before you register, you’ll be prompted with a message at the top of the page.)
  3. Use the tweets we’ve prepared for you to help spread the word (or simply forward this email along)

Check out our descriptions to learn more about HealthTap’s talks and panels:

P-Cubed: Building a happy, positive startup

By: Ron Gutman (Founder and CEO)

Inspired by Ron’s TED talk on “The Untapped Powers of Smiling” (which is one of the most “Liked” TED talks of all time), this session will show you how happiness is at the core of effective companies and will teach you how to build a highly-successful, smile-filled company through a culture centered on Three-Ps: Positivity, Purpose and Priorities.

Tweet/Facebook It: Want to build a positive successful #startup? Learn from #TED smiler @RonGutman. RT/vote for @HealthTap’s #SXSW panel

Online Health: The Potential of Personalization

By: Geoff Rutledge (Chief Medical Officer); Sastry Nanduri (Chief Technology Officer)

Learn why personalization is critical to innovation in Interactive Health, how it’s addressing systemic obstacles to finding reliable health information online, and what technology solutions are emerging to make personalization in health possible.

Tweet/Facebook It: Learn the who’s, what’s & why’s of personalization in health. RT/vote for @HealthTap’s panel at #SXSW #sxsh #hcsm

Sharing Privately in the Context of Health

By: Michael Nichols (Chief Privacy Officer)

Explore how to create environments where participants receive the benefits of sharing, while also enjoying the peace of mind of privacy: secure sharing in health technology, products, and services

Tweet/Facebook It: I just voted for @HealthTap’s panel at #SXSW on privacy & sharing in health. RT/cast your vote #hit #healthit #sxsh

The Future of Interactive Health

Featuring: Ron Gutman – HealthTap; Halle Tecco – Rock Health; Thomas Goetz – Wired Magazine; Sutha Kamal – Massive Health; Rebecca Woodcock – Cake Health

Explore Interactive Health with pioneers in the field. Find out why this new industry is emerging now, and how it is poised to forever transform how we access and use personal health information, how we manage our personal health, and how we interact with physicians using online/mobile applications.

Tweet/Facebook It: Vote/RT Interactive Health #SXSW panel with friends @Rock_Health @HealthTap @Massivehealth @Cakehealth @tgoetz #sxsh

Rescue Me: Innovative DIY Healthcare Solutions

Featuring: Dr. Akshay Shah – HealthTap; Tina Pang Mayer – JHI Health; Beth Morgan – Simplee, Inc.; Jake Winebaum –; West Shell III – Healthline

Hear from young companies that are revolutionizing the healthcare system by providing innovative technologies that empower consumers to take control of their health.

Tweet/Facebook It: What companies are rescuing #health and how? RT/Vote for #SXSW panel with @HealthTap @Simpleehealth and more… #hcsm