Reinventing Healthcare with HealthTap Prime


09-TAKE-ACTION-Customized-Checklists-HealthTapAfter more than a year in the making – and just hours before we share the labor of our work and love with the world – a burst of joy and surge of energy has jolted through our new HealthTap office on University Avenue.

Everyone in the unbelievable HealthTap team was pitching in.  Some were debugging final small issues to ensure an amazing user experience; others were on a “dress rehearsal” call with a super excited doctor eager to start his or her first virtual consult shift on HealthTap Prime in just a few short hours.

This is a memorable and special moment in our lives, and in the history of humankind.  Each of us separately, and all of us together, have a rare opportunity to “write history” and make magic happen, by bringing hope, health and joy to many millions everywhere. In just a few hours we will help change the world for the better.  Everyone in my amazing team is an artisan who shared in the creation of the beautiful new reality that we will share with everyone.

And all we needed to do, was to simply imagine!

  • We imagined a world where we could design a method for billions of people to be happier and healthier :)
  • We imagined a world where we could create an experience that will positively impact the lives of our loved ones, but also the lives of people we’ve never met before!
  • We imagined a world where we could build one of the most amazing technology projects the world has ever seen, and launch it to millions who will instantly benefit from it.
  • We also imagined a world where what we’ve designed, built, and shaped will be the “launch pad for humanity” to expand life expectancy, and (most importantly) help billions everywhere feel good!

10-TAKE-ACTION-Reminders-Tips-HealthTapI am privileged to be surrounded by such an amazing group of people who are so much fun to work with, and with whom “impossible” always becomes “I’m Possible” in a heartbeat.
Over the past 3 years HealthTap has revolutionized healthcare, by providing hundreds of millions worldwide with free access to the world’s largest repository of high quality health answers, tips, and reviews—and the only such collection of trusted health information that is fully created, curated and edited by doctors.

I’m very excited to share with you that today we are once again transforming healthcare with our new digital health platform. Last year, when we started our research into what would become the new HealthTap, we’d already served more than 100 million people.  What we’re releasing today responds to the needs of these many people. We’re thrilled to introduce to the world a comprehensive end-to-end mobile healthcare experience that will enable millions everywhere to learn more about their health, get help from top doctors in real-time, and take action to feel good everyday.

The amazing HealthTap team is introducing to the world a true work of digital h06-GET-HELP-VideoChat--HealthTapealth art that includes:

  • Live Virtual Consults.  HealthTap Prime members receive unlimited medical advice in Virtual Consults from top doctors via HD video, audio, and chat, 24/7 from any mobile device or web browser. They also get prescriptions and refills delivered straight to their homes or their local pharmacy.
  • Actionable checklists. Our leading doctors have also created thousands of customized checklists that help people manage their health and reach hundreds of different goals, from healthy living, to pregnancy, to managing a chronic condition.
  • Curated news and apps. Our doctor carefully review and rate news articles and mobile apps on a comprehensive array of health topics
  • Personalized Feeds. Each member receives a customized feed of answers, news and tips, a first-of-its kind feed based on each member’s individual Health Graph—a proprietary custom digital map of a user’s personal health and well-being.
  • Beautiful new design. A new simplified and streamlined design with faster performance and even more engaging user experience

To stay true to our mantra that healthcare is a human right, most all of the new features in this groundbreaking release remain free (including personalized, text based access to doctor answers, tips, news, checklists and app reviews). Additionally, for an affordable fee, we’re also offering our Concierge Medicine for Everyone service—HealthTap Prime, with full access to all of these features, including live consults, prescriptions and customized checklists from anytime anywhere from any mobile device or web browser.  Take advantage of our launch special family package and subscribe to HealthTap Prime today!

To health and smiles,

Ron Gutman
Founder & CEO

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