HealthTap Becomes First Health App on Google’s Android Wear


HealthTap Continues to Redefine Healthcare,
Revolutionizing How People Take Care of Their Health & Wellness

Today, HealthTap announces it will be the first healthcare app to be featured on Google’s Android Wear platform. The new HealthTap SmartWatch app will be available on the new compact and powerful Android watches. Breaking ground as the next iteration for digital health services, HeathTap’s new application will redefine the future of personal health in the always-on mobile communications era.

HealthTap believes that immediate ubiquitous access to healthcare and doctors will transform the industry as well as create a new comprehensive health experience for millions everywhere. The HealthTap experience on Google’s Android Wear helps users learn more, get help and take action to feel good every day.

The HealthTap app for Android Wear offers an intuitive and interactive interface for consumers to manage their health right from their wrists. Here’s how the clean and simple user experience works:

  • Doctor-created checklists and prescription reminders are delivered directly to your wrist to help you better manage your health and well-being, even while you’re on the go.

  • Swipe the watch face to confirm or snooze notifications, or to reveal additional health tips. Users can set reminders and alerts through the HealthTap app that pop up on the watch.

  • Immediate feedback and timely tips from doctors to reinforce the formation of good habits, adherence to prescriptions, and better health.


Here’s an example of how someone might use the app:

Joe is traveling to KwaZulu-Natal for an African Safari this summer, where mosquitoes are a huge problem and malaria is endemic. His doctor prescribes Mefloquine, an antimalarial drug, to be taken once a week for two weeks before departure, and continuing regularly until four weeks after he has returned from his trip.  He wants to remain on top of his prescription schedule and to do so, he uses the HealthTap app to received doctor reminders and tip on his Android Wearable SmartWatch .

When it’s time to take his malaria pills, the HealthTap app on his watch alerts him with a discrete buzz. After he swipes the watch to confirm adherence, he receives positive reinforcement from a HealthTap doctor, along with three useful tips to ensure his health and safety during this trip, and make good health top-of-mind:

  • Avoid raw foods washed with local water
  • Apply SPF sunblock at least every 4 hours in the sun
  • Always sleep under a mosquito net in Malaria infested regions in Africa

“Having HealthTap on my SmartWatch means I get the most relevant, useful, actionable information when I need it most. It makes health “tap-of-mind” said Ron Gutman, HealthTap’s founder and CEO. “The reminders and timely tips are invaluable in helping millions everywhere reach their health and wellness goals, adhere to doctor advice and healthy living best practices, and feel good every day.”

Android Wear currently runs on LG’s G Watch and Samsung’s Live Gear, both of which are available today, with Motorola’s Moto 360 coming later this summer.

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