Introducing Dr. Valentin Drezaliu, a ClubMD Member and a Founding Expert


HealthTap is extremely delighted to introduce Dr. Valentin Drezaliu, a ClubMD Member and a Founding Expert.

Dr. Drezaliu completed his Doctor of Medicine from University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Romania. After completing his residency, he is now working at the OB/GYN Logansport Memorial Hospital. Dr. Drezaliu is trained in advanced laparoscopic surgery. He is very passionate about medicine and people in general. He says, “it is very important to establish a relationship with your patients by carefully listening to them and understanding their needs and desires.”

On HealthTap, Dr. Drezaliu is highly regarded by his peers with a DocScore of 96. He cares about his patients and wants to give the best advice he can. He is ranked 16th nationally in high risk pregnancy and 7th nationally in gynecologic cancer.

We are thrilled Dr. Drezaliu has extended his personal care to the users of HealthTap. We are excited to have him as a part of our Expert Network and thank him for his contributions to the community.