Introducing Dr. Damien Luviano, a Founding ClubMD Medical Expert, and HealthTap Scholar


HealthTap is excited to introduce Dr. Damien Luviano, a Founding ClubMD Medical Expert, and HealthTap Scholar. Dr. Luviano is a board certified Ophthalmologist specializing in diabetes in Beaumont, Texas at the Joslin Diabetes Center of Southeast Texas Medical Associates. In addition, he serves on multiple national editorial boards, he is a CME instructor for the Ophthalmology board, and he is member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, ORBIS, American Diabetes Association, and American College of Surgeons. His career activities reflect a passion for patient education and desire to improve patient care in the field of ophthalmology.

Dr. Luviano states, “[I] became an eye physician because over 50% of all blindness is preventable and I believe sight is the most important sense. I decided to specialize in diabetes diseases of the eyes because it is the number one reason people in working age go blind… I find it to be a calling for me.” Dr. Luviano presents regularly on his work in healthcare forums and via public educational efforts on the radio.

Dr. Luviano believes in HealthTap, because he values the ability to reach a large number of patients and assist in their health education. “I joined HealthTap because the concept was a better way to educate our patients. I like the quality of the answers provided by my peers, which makes my job as a scholar very easy.”

Participation from great physicians like Dr. Luviano is helping to transform the way medical information is obtained online. Dr. Luviano is excited about improving healthcare in this manner: “…I have a sense of urgency to educate patients about diabetes…I want to reach the highest number of patients… and HealthTap helps me and other physicians who wish to educate”.