Presenting Dr. Pamela Pappas, a Ho’oponopono Homeopath and Leading Psychiatrist


Get to know Dr. Pamela Pappas, a Board Certified Psychiatrist and Homeopath with her own private practice in Arizona. Her private practice is affiliated with Optimal You, a multidisciplinary group combining evidence-based psychotherapies, neurobiology, mindfulness-based practices, body-centered psychotherapies, addiction medicine, and psychiatry. She specializes in classical homeopathy for patients who may be too sensitive to psychiatric medications; usually adults dealing with anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress, and other stress-related health conditions.

Before opening her private practice, Dr. Pappas was an academic professor who always believed that “people are far deeper and richer than their brain circuits and cytochrome p-450 interactions.” She says that her “passion in medicine is helping people access their own inner wholeness, resilience, and peace,” and she finds that through the integrative use of homeopathy in her work.

This philosophy drives her to be a presence on HealthTap, where she has received over 30,000 “Agrees” from other doctors. She is also a Founding Medical Expert, ClubMD Member, and Scholar within the network. She believes “HealthTap is a unique place bringing patients and doctors together, sharing with and responding to each other. Receiving the questions helps me tap into the suffering people have, and ponder ways to help relieve it.”

Dr. Pappas has an interest in meditation and in Ho’oponopono, an ancient Hawaiian step-by-step process for problem solving and stress release. In fact, her blog is called “Ho’oponopono for the Doctor’s Soul” ( She also serves as a discussion moderator for Finding Meaning in Medicine ( ), an online community for physicians that helps them strengthen the motivations that initially drew them to medicine. Outside of medicine, she enjoys growing things in her backyard, hoping to create a nature sanctuary. We commend Dr. Pappas for her kindness and sensitivity.