Introducing Dr. Nancy Mellow, a Holistic Internist


Dr. Nancy Mellow is a Board Certified Internist with special interests in preventative medicine, women’s health care, HIV care, nutritional counseling, and treatment of stress-related conditions. She currently has a private practice in New York, NY and serves as a Clinical Attending Physician at the Beth Israel Hospital. Outside of the office, Dr. Mellow likes to take long walks with her Bichon Frises and likes to cook vegetarian meals for her family and friends.

Dr. Mellow graduated from the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons and completed a residency at St. Vincent’s Hospital. She has always maintained a holistic philosophy towards medicine, stressing the fact that the doctor must treat the patient as a whole, rather than focus on one organ or system. “Exploring a patient’s own health concerns, stressors, and daily routines can sometimes be more revealing than sophisticated testing,” she says.

Dr. Mellow believes in a personalized system of healthcare that encourages patients to strive for a healthier lifestyle instead of being dependent on medications. HealthTap is one of the ways she can help patients do that, since preventative care starts at home. “Answering people’s questions on HealthTap, as in my private office, helps them learn more about diet, exercise, and when to seek medical care, which improves their health.” On HealthTap she is both a Founding Medical Expert and ClubMD Member, and is “known for” her great responses to questions on topics such as exercise, asthma, and heart diseases.