For Men’s Health Week and Beyond, Just Ask


The world’s best men’s health experts and organizations are uniting from June 11th to June 17th, 2012 for Men’s Health WeekHealthTap and the Medical Expert Network are excited to take part! The goal is to raise awareness of the health issues men and boys face. This special week is a call to action for all men to fully engage with their health issues.

Research has shown that men confront many chronic and acute health challenges: heart disease, cancer, and HIV/AIDS are just a few conditions that disproportionately affect the male population. However, there are two especially startling statistics: 1) men are much less likely than women to ask for medical help (50% as likely as women to schedule annual checkups) and 2) men live about six fewer years than women, on average. Clearly there is much we can do to help men take strides toward better health.

This week and beyond, HealthTap and the fantastic doctors in the Medical Expert Network hope you will ask your health-related question now as your first step toward awareness and prevention. HealthTap makes that easy for you, and the Medical Experts are more than happy to provide you with the best, most trustworthy and personalized health information available – and please remember to thank all of those compassionate, dedicated doctors on HealthTap. So to all you men out there, when it comes to your health, just ask.

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