Doctors in the Medical Expert Network honor moms last week with thousands of answers to their health questions


Patients and Medical Experts: thank you!

Because of your meaningful contributions to the HealthTap community, thousands of moms and their loved ones were given the gift of meaningful health information over the Mother’s Day weekend. We were humbled to see so many people making positive connections through HealthTap during this special family holiday.

All of the activity made for a particularly exciting weekend in the HealthTap office. The community was buzzing at all hours of the day and night, as patients asked health questions and Medical Experts were there to share their knowledge and compassion.

In the end, the network of doctors rallied to answer questions for moms in a wide range of specialties! Because of all the excitement, the HealthTap team was compelled to celebrate with “tattoos” inspired by the badge awarded to doctors who answered questions during the Mother’s Day Event (check out the photo)!

See if your doctor was one of the participants in the event by logging in and looking for the Mother’s Day Event Badge on their award wall!

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