Featuring Dr. Nela Cordero, a Distinguished Medical Expert


Get to know Dr. Nela Cordero, a Founding Medical Expert and Pediatrician based in Chicago, Illinois. Dr. Cordero has helped over thousands of people on HealthTap, acquiring beyond 6,100 “Agrees” from her colleagues and 700 “Thanks” from patients. She is well regarded on the site for her top-quality answers, boasting an almost perfect DocScore of 99.  Dr. Cordero finds HealthTap to be “a good learning experience…while interacting with colleagues and helping patients.”

Dr. Cordero completed her Fellowship in Ambulatory Pediatrics at the Cook County Hospital in Chicago. She has spent 35 years as a solo-practitioner in the inner city treating over five generations of patients. She is the President and Founder of the United States Palawan Medical Mission and is a Member of the Board of Directors for the Filipino American Voters League.

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