Introducing Dr. David Wyatt, a Distinguished Medical Expert


HealthTap is pleased to featureDr. David Wyatt, a Distinguished Medical Expert. Dr. Wyatt is a Family Practitioner affiliated with PacesLaserMD in Atlanta, Georgia. In 2011, Dr. Wyatt was awarded the HealthTappy Award for Top and Most Compassionate Family Practice Doctor (Georgia). He has received over 240 ‘thanks’ from users and 540 ‘agrees’ from physicians for his quality answers to health questions. He is known for his understanding and clinical expertise on diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome and management of weight. Dr. Wyatt maintains a strong social media presence and understands the importance of being active as a physician in both the on and off-line worlds. He has a Twitter handle (@WLMDVinings), Facebook page, LinkedIn presence, and a Virtual Practice on HealthTap that work to increase his online exposure and help those in his community and beyond. Dr. Wyatt is Board-Certified by the American Board of Family Practice.

Dr. Wyatt enjoys participating on HealthTap because of the challenge of deciphering patient questions and answering those who may not have the option to see a physician or are embarrassed to ask their existing provider. “I really like explaining medical jargon and those ‘weird/strange’ medical things that people read / hear about regarding the practice of medicine into plain language that is easier to relate to and understand. I think the format of HealthTap makes it much more ‘acceptable’ to ask some questions that people may be unable or unwilling to ask a medical provider they see – or maybe do not have access to medical services at all.”

Dr. Wyatt and more than 10,000 of his fellow physicians on HealthTap help provide trusted health information to the public by answering their health questions.

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