Introducing Dr. Chris Oh, an Elite Medical Expert


HealthTap is pleased to feature Dr. Chris Oh, an Elite Medical Expert. Dr. Oh is an Internist known for his work with patients in building weight loss programs, managing diabetes, high blood pressure and pain medications, as well as wound care. He is based in the greater Chicago area and maintains a personal website and Twitter handle. Dr. Oh has helped over thousands of people on HealthTap, generating over 300 ‘thanks’ from users and 1,500 ‘agrees’ for his top-quality answers to health questions. He holds rich knowledge of bioinfomatics and patient care. Dr. Oh is the founder and leads the Medical Informatics Research Group (MIRG) in Chicago and has worked in private practice focusing on occupational and sports medicine for a number of years. He has presented nationally on his work in Bioinformatics and other research interests.

Dr. Oh understands the benefit of participating on HealthTap by giving physician’s online exposure and patients quality answers to their health questions.  “Patients want answers to their medical questions from real doctors and by participating in HealthTap, physicians can connect with them online. They can also connect with other physicians in different specialties. These connections can then form the basis of meaningful relationships among patients and doctors which can then translate to actual office visits. One misconception among doctors is that by having their questions answered online for free, patients will not be coming in to see you, however it is the opposite. By having their questions answered, patients will be much more willing to come in to see you in the office because they now have an understanding of what to expect

Dr. Oh joins his physician peers by building an online presence on HealthTap through answering patient’s health questions from his community.

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