Introducing Dr. Alex Guerrero, a Notable Medical Expert


HealthTap is pleased to feature Dr. Alex Guerrero, a Notable Medical Expert. Dr. Guerrero is a Trauma Surgeon serving throughout the East Coast and affiliated with InterTrauma Medical Consulting. He has received 14 ‘agrees’ from his physician colleagues for his quality answers and has helped over 700 people on HealthTap.  Dr. Guerrero thoroughly enjoys the challenge of trauma surgery and the encounters he has with his patients. “I meet people at the lowest point in their life after an expected trauma, and help shepherd them back to a place they are familiar with…it is a privilege to be there when people are dealing with the heavy questions of life that philosophers have struggled with for generations, but that instantly become very relevant.”

Dr. Guerrero has a impressive record of community service and education.  He has spoken nationally in front of public and medical audiences on injury prevention and trauma care with low resources. He is based in New York City and has worked in Ghana, Tanzania, Mozambique, South Africa, Ecuador and even Antarctica providing medical services and doing injury related. Dr. Guerrero is a Fellow of the prestigious Royal Society of Medicine (UK), the American College of Surgeons, the Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma and the Panamerican Trauma Society.

Dr. Guerrero understands the need for quality health information that is hard to transmit from doctor to patient in the short appointment window and difficult to obtain between visits. “Being able to help people address general questions about how their bodies heal is just good medicine. In the clinic or on the wards, the basic questions of why things are treated a certain way, or what a patient should expect after an injury are glossed over for more immediate priorities. [HealthTap fills that gap empowering] individuals to make more informed health care decisions, and feel some comfort in understanding the normal course of common diseases and injuries.

Dr. Guerrero and fellow Trauma Surgeons participate on HealthTap providing free, comprehensive health information to users at not cost to them.

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