Changing Healthcare One Question at a Time


Joshua Batt, Medical Student

There is a very limited number of physicians for patients around the world. Some conditions are hard to understand, data that is available may not be user friendly and patients can often find themselves lost amid the overwhelming amount of information online attempting to describe their conditions and concerns.

Recently, health education websites have popped up on the internet trying to meet the demand of unanswered patient questions. Patients can post medical questions and have a physician response in minutes that directly answers their concerns and condition. Not only does it save the patient’s time, but it also saves them money as this comes free of charge.

One site, Health Tap, has almost 10,000 physicians voluntarily answering questions, helping health care take a turn it has never seen before. Patients no longer have to sift through websites and incomprehensible articles to decipher the answers to their queries. The physicians build a reputable network for their efforts and obtain a corner of the net that praises their work instead of the slander that comes from complaints.

As one of the founding students at Health Tap University, I have enjoyed responding to patients and their concerns. Not only does it fill a need they have, but I learn something in the process about medicine and myself. Health Tap is inviting a limited number of dedicated medical students to participate in the service. If you are seriously interested in contributing to Health Tap University and attend a medical school in the United States, email me here for more information (include your name and school email address).


From: MedScape Connect

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