Introducing Dr. Michael Fenster, a Leading Medical Expert


HealthTap is pleased to feature Dr. Michael Fenster, a Leading Medical Expert. Dr. Fenster received his MD from Medical College of Virginia where he was elected into Alpha Epsilon Delta, the Medical Honor Society. In addition he recently obtained a MBA from Auburn University.  His Internship and Residency in Internal Medicine were completed at Wake Forest University and he served a Interventional and General Cardiology Fellowship at the University of Virginia, holding a faculty position as a Clinical Associate Professor in the Division of Cardiology.

Dr. Fenster has a diverse set of passions that blend together to form a unique perspective on health and diet, which he is proud to educate the public on through writing, radio, TV, his clinical work and of course, HealthTap.  One of his passions is exploring how food affects us.  As an Interventional Cardiologist he is able to see the physical results of our eating habits during his surgery and consultations with patients, but as a professional cook, he also understands the public’s  unsatisfactory reaction when it comes to controlling their food choices for their health.  He believes his love of martial arts, which emphasizes a balanced life, allows him to take these two perspectives and form the conclusion that a healthy diet should not be dictated by absolutes or restrictions. He states, “even eating a big steak can be part, emphasize ‘part,’ of healthy eating.”

This year he will begin a televison show entitled “Code Delicious” and next year will release a book “Eating Well, Living Better: The Grassroots Gourmet Guide to Good Health and Great Food” both of which will promote the lessons he has learned in martial arts towards the achievement of healthy living.  His strong presence and participation on HealthTap is because he sees it as a platform for patients to obtain accurate health information and thinks that “there is so much medical misinformation out there, which may not always be intentional, but HealthTap has become the place to go…a bastion of truth for patients.”

With input from Medical Experts like Dr. Fenster, HealthTap is creating a new way to find health information from physicians in an innovative personalized format, transforming the way medical information is obtained online.

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