Top 5 Pregnancy and Nursing Snacks


My husband asked the other day if I’ve always been such a big eater.  I had to think about it.  I definitely have always had a bigger appetite than most girls my size (I’m 5’ 4”), but pretty much from the moment of conception, my ability to pack it away has skyrocketed.  During my first trimester, I had to eat every three hours to stave off nausea, and I’m now almost 10 months into breastfeeding and hardly ever go longer than a few hours without eating something.  It’s also important to me that most of what I eat is good for me and the baby.  This has made me an expert snacker, and these are my top picks:

1.     String Cheese.  I get the lowfat version from Trader Joe’s and I LOVE it.  Tasty and nutritious!

2.     Fruit Leather.  The FiberFul brand, also from Trader Joe’s, packs a punch of good stuff for your gut and they are delicious.  This is what I grab when I’m looking for a small snack.

3.     Fiber Bars .  I know granola bars have a bad rap, but I did a lot of label comparing and the Market Pantry brand from Target actually are better than most.  They have a lot of fiber and easily nip hunger in the bud.  I always have a couple in my purse for emergencies.

4.     Numa Snacks.  I’ve recently discovered these.  They are tasty little biscotti-ish bits made expressly for new and expectant moms.  They aren’t too sweet and the 140-calorie package has enough bite-sized pieces for at least two small snacks.

5.     Almonds.  Every dietician says to eat a handful of almonds a day.   Most recommend the raw, unsalted version, but I cheat a little and buy Marcona almonds.  They still have all of the benefits of almonds (low in bad fat, high in good fat, plenty of vitamin E), but their saltiness makes them a bit naughty.  I figure after all of this healthy eating, I deserve at least a little bit of indulgence.

What do you reach for when the hunger pangs hit?

Nathalee Stirling Ghafouri has always been a mom at heart, but she became one for real in March of 2010.  Between diaper changes and doctors appointments, she’s also a blogger at MommyBeta and a freelance marketing consultant.

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2 thoughts on “Top 5 Pregnancy and Nursing Snacks

  1. Natali Morris

    Peanut butter. A tablespoon of peanut butter goes a long way if I’m hungry and busy.

    And when I was pregnant I ate popcorn with hot sauce on it. Huge amounts of hot sauce. Low in calories but satisfying on the craving level, especially since all I wanted was spicy food. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

    And for a night time snack, I keep small squares of dark chocolate around. I can usually limit it to just one. We got a huge gift of dark chocolates from Geraldo Rivera of all people for Christmas – he’s one of Clayton’s coworkers. I’ve been working on those for a few weeks now, night after night. I’ll be so sad when they’re gone!

  2. Blake Condray

    Lara bars! Apple Pie and Coconut Pie ones are my favorites! Oatmeal (usually make my own), but the pre-packaged flax oatmeal at Trader Joe’s is great.

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