A New Way to Lose Weight, Guided by 65K Doctors

One of the most popular health goals is to lose weight: to slim down and live healthier, including attending regular gym workouts, downing green shakes, and consuming plenty of kale. A major lifestyle change like this starts with a resolution—can you guess when it ends? It doesn’t. Realistically, it shouldn’t. Resolutions require commitment and dedication. Rather than READ MORE →

HealthTap CEO Ron Gutman Talks About Data-Driven HealthCare at Data Driven NYC

This past week, our CEO Ron Gutman spoke at Data Driven NYC, a community organized by Matt Turck and FirstMark Capital. This well-attended event brought together data enthusiasts who are passionate about big data, data-driven products, and data technologies. From EMRs to wearables, data-driven healthcare is steadily becoming an everyday reality. As Ron says, HealthTap READ MORE →

Why Do 65,732 Doctors Love Healthtap?

At 65,732 doctors and counting, HealthTap is the world’s largest network of doctors. When you bring together all those minds, huge things can happen. Healthcare can change and lives can be saved—at scale! Our doctors have sent in THOUSANDS of stories and anecdotes about their HealthTap experience, and it’s the best way to show the world READ MORE →

10 Best Superfoods for Optimal Health

HealthTap is on a mission to help billions everywhere live happier, healthier lives. And our doctors agree: eating a diet rich in nutritious fruits, nuts, and vegetables can help you stay healthy, lift your mood, boost your immunity, and even help you lose weight. Dr. Jeff Livingston advices, “Healthy eating is focused on healthy foods that are low READ MORE →

Fun Health Facts About Strawberries

Seeds on the outside, sweet on the inside, that’s the humble strawberry. Every year, we celebrate February 27 as National Strawberry Day. Strawberries were first mentioned in Roman literature in reference to its medicinal use. The French are credited for taking wild strawberries and transferring them to their gardens in the late 1300s. Strawberries finally made READ MORE →